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Sports Line admin 2 April 2024

Order, safety and handiness

Welcome to the realm of Armet’s metal locker solutions for athletic facilities—a vital component to guarantee order, safety and handiness in sports environments like gyms, swimming pools, sports halls, tennis or padel clubs, soccer, golf and many others activities. With a wide range of options available, Armet metal lockers are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of each environment and user.

Space optimisation

One of the most popular solutions, ideal for optimizing space, are cabinets with overlapping doors: this intelligent design makes the most of the available area without sacrificing storage capacity.
Moreover, we also offer combined solutions of overlapping doors combined with multi-compartment cabinets, thus providing optimal subdivision to ensure the personal belongings are kept tidy.

Safety and handiness

Regarding safety and handiness, Armet offers various types of locking system solutions, both mechanical and digital.

Advanced locking system can operate via NFC technology (badge, wristband, tag) and also with a dedicated app to guarantee secure and controlled access to lockers, not requiring the material keys and simplifying the management of authorized users.

Maximum level of comfort

For an additional level of comfort, all Armet metal cabinets can be placed on load-bearing benches, offering comfortable integrated seating. This represents an intelligent solution in order to optimize the space utilization, enhancing the practicality and functionality of cabinet use.


In terms of design, Armet metal lockers are available in a wide range of customizable colors, also feature HPL or Plexiglass doors. This allows the lockers to be integrated into the overall aesthetics of the room, ensuring a coordinated and professional look.

Complete with 180 ° door opening air exchange system environmentally friendly painting anti-oxidation feet system
  • All the doors are equipped with hinges that allow a 180 ° rotation: this feature improves the accessibility of the compartment and makes it easier to escape without obstacles in case of need. Burglar-proof hinges (equipped), ventilation slots, compartment for the name tag, metal towel holder. Yale lock with flat key, anti-burglary friction padlockable handle, coin lock, with electronic or mechanical combination.
  • The micro junction (micro-sunshade) between the roof and the back creates a chimney effect: the hot air of the clothes worn is pushed upwards by the cold air that enters through the door slots, favoring a quick air change.
  • The Smart Green certified ecological powder coating system guarantees an environmentally friendly result and ensures the quality of the final product. Double color cabinets with body and doors available.
  • The feet are equipped with an insert in anti-oxidation plastic material to avoid contact between the sheet and the floor. The system is designed for adjustment in the event of uneven floors.

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