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Smartlocker ilenia 15 June 2022

Smart lockers

The work scenario has changed, the place where the business is carried out has become increasingly flexible and dynamic. More and more companies are choosing to have shared common spaces, no longer personal and exclusive. Technological evolution reduces distances and spaces of use, bringing process automation and safety, but with high connectivity.

New way of working

The new priorities that guide companies in rethinking offices and workspaces, require tools and products capable of integrating this new evolutionary phase of the world of work and social interactions.
Coworking, Smart-working and corporate welfare are some of the new terminologies that integrate and fully define the infinite solutions that a SMARTLOCKER can provide.

The services it offers
Deposit or safekeeping

company or personal assets of collaborators, who can book an exclusive space through the app for usually temporary use.

Receiving or sending

parcels purchased through the multiple e-commerce sites without any interaction with the office staff in a practical and fast way, for the benefit of corporate welfare.


material to employees, monitoring the withdrawal and the related return, the access hours and maintaining a log of use, simplifying the management of the same at no additional cost.

Charge up

your electronic devices in total safety, perhaps during a lunch break, a meeting or a coffee break.

Receive small meals

(which do not require cooking or refrigeration) from the nearby bar or restaurant.


securely material not allowed inside the establishment for privacy reasons.

Innovative solution

The ideal solution for all those environments where users need to keep their goods, receive correspondence, packages, medicines etc. depending on specific and temporary needs. All this not only in the company but also in condominiums, residences, hotels, libraries, gyms, swimming pools and sports or shopping centers, airports and railway stations.


Structure made of high quality press-bent steel sheet and painted with epoxy powders, the SMARTLOCKER is a completely modular system, both in size and in the number of doors; customizable according to every type of need for colors and graphics.

It is equipped with a high resolution display that incorporates a dedicated software that allows you to insert and withdraw objects via QR-CODE reader or numeric code. Employees can access and book deliveries directly with the company badge. The access control system, as well as the withdrawal of objects, takes place in a few seconds, thus eliminating queues and gatherings. Equipped with intelligent software capable of recognizing users, controlling access and checking the loading inside the counters via sensors.

Complete with 180 ° door opening air exchange system environmentally friendly painting anti-oxidation feet system
  • All the doors are equipped with hinges that allow a 180 ° rotation: this feature improves the accessibility of the compartment and makes it easier to escape without obstacles in case of need. Burglar-proof hinges (equipped), ventilation slots, compartment for the name tag, metal towel holder. Yale lock with flat key, anti-burglary friction padlockable handle, coin lock, with electronic or mechanical combination.
  • The micro junction (micro-sunshade) between the roof and the back creates a chimney effect: the hot air of the clothes worn is pushed upwards by the cold air that enters through the door slots, favoring a quick air change.
  • The Smart Green certified ecological powder coating system guarantees an environmentally friendly result and ensures the quality of the final product. Double color cabinets with body and doors available.
  • The feet are equipped with an insert in anti-oxidation plastic material to avoid contact between the sheet and the floor. The system is designed for adjustment in the event of uneven floors.

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