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Accessories ilenia 15 June 2022

Perfection is in the details

The Armet lines are completed by a series of accessories, small and large, which enhance their functionality, to offer a product in line with the expectations of each type of customer.

The complete range
  • Benches in wood or aluminum
  • Supporting benches
  • Sloping roofs
  • Shelving
  • Chairs and tables for the canteen
  • Closing systems
  • All spare parts
  • Custom colors and / or prints
At work as well as at home

Thanks to the wide range of furniture available among our accessories (tables, chairs, benches, storage compartments, mirrors and drawers), the workplace can be customized according to the needs of those who live there. To look more and more like a comfortable and welcoming home.

Beautiful, useful and safe

Colors, roofs and shelves give an extra touch of style to the wardrobes. Hooks, ladders, trays and dedicated accessories make them suitable to meet every practical need. The numerous types of locks and keys guarantee safety.

Complete with 180 ° door opening air exchange system environmentally friendly painting anti-oxidation feet system
  • All the doors are equipped with hinges that allow a 180 ° rotation: this feature improves the accessibility of the compartment and makes it easier to escape without obstacles in case of need. Burglar-proof hinges (equipped), ventilation slots, compartment for the name tag, metal towel holder. Yale lock with flat key, anti-burglary friction padlockable handle, coin lock, with electronic or mechanical combination.
  • The micro junction (micro-sunshade) between the roof and the back creates a chimney effect: the hot air of the clothes worn is pushed upwards by the cold air that enters through the door slots, favoring a quick air change.
  • The Smart Green certified ecological powder coating system guarantees an environmentally friendly result and ensures the quality of the final product. Double color cabinets with body and doors available.
  • The feet are equipped with an insert in anti-oxidation plastic material to avoid contact between the sheet and the floor. The system is designed for adjustment in the event of uneven floors.

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